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22 December 2023

Recent Journal Articles (Selection)

Klaus von Lampe, Arjan Blokland, Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and Organized Crime, Crime and Justice, 49, 2020, 521-578

Klaus von Lampe, Tackling Organized Crime: From Theory to Practice, Crimen, 10(3), 2019, 215-224

Klaus von Lampe, Marin Kurti, Jacqueline Johnson, “I'm gonna get me a loosie”: Understanding single cigarette purchases by adult smokers in a disadvantaged section of New York City, Preventive Medicine Reports, 12(1), 2018, 182-185

Klaus von Lampe, Big business: scale of operation, organizational size, and the level of integration into the legal economy as key parameters for understanding the development of illegal enterprises, Trends in Organized Crime, 18(4), 2015, 289-310

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About this Site

This website presents information on organized crime from a social science perspective with a special geographical focus on the U.S. and Germany while also addressing the issue of transnational organized crime. It was first launched in 1999 (old URL: and reached the mark of 1 million visitors on 27 April 2012.

The original purpose of the website had been to share with a broader public some of the material collected for a doctoral dissertation on the concept and theory of organized crime in the U.S. The material includes, for example, a collection of organized crime definitions which has been considerably expanded over the years. A number of papers on organized-crime related subjects, including cigarette smuggling, have also consecutively been added and are available for downloading.

A more recent addition is the book-review section which features reviews of books on organized crime and related topics.

This site is bilingual (English and German). Some content, however, is available only in one of these two languages.

The material presented on this website may be used for academic, journalistic and official purposes in accordance with the applicable copyright laws. Please identify the source as 'Klaus von Lampe, Organized Crime Research (kvl-homepage),'.

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Arguably the largest collection of more than 200 different definitions of organized crime provides an overview of the diverse conceptions that have emerged over time and in different parts of the world.


60 academic and journalistic books on organized crime and related topics, addressing different events, persons and structures in various countries, are reviewed from an organized crime researcher's perspective. The overriding question always is: What does the particular book contribute to a better understanding of organized crime?


Papers on various aspects of organized crime (conceptual history, trust and organized crime, use of models in the analysis of organized crime, assessing organized crime, cigarette smuggling, transnational organized crime, etc.) can be downloaded from the Publications Page.


Useful links to academic, official and journalistic websites.

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Klaus von Lampe

This website is presented by Klaus von Lampe, Professor of criminology at the Berlin School of Economics and Law in Berlin, Germany.


Organized Crime: Analyzing Illegal Activities, Criminal Structures, and Extra-legal Governance
Klaus von Lampe, 2016.
  • 2016 Outstanding Publication Award (IASOC)
  • Critically acclaimed as "without question, the most comprehensive and robust treatment of organized crime research, theories and perspectives".

Narrating organised crime stories...
Petrus C. van Duyne et al. (eds.), 2022.

Criminal defiance in Europe and beyond
Petrus C. van Duyne et al. (eds.), 2020.

Constructing and organising crime in Europe
Petrus C. van Duyne et al. (eds.), 2019.

Other books from the Cross-border Crime Colloquium series. More...