Petrus C. van Duyne, Klaus von Lampe, Nikos Passas (eds.)
Upperworld and Underworld in Cross-Border Crime
Nijmegen: Wolf Legal Publishers, 2002
198 p.
ISBN 90-5850-030-6

This book has been nominated for the 2003 Distinguished Book Award of the Division of International Criminology of the American Society of Criminology (ASC)


This edited volume contains a selection of seven peer-reviewed papers originally prepared for the Second Colloquium on Cross-Border Crime, held in Budapest, Hungary, at the National Institute of Criminology (OKRI) in September 2000.
Petrus van Duyne provides an introduction. Nikos Passas develops a typology of links between legal and illegal actors. Vladimir Baloun and Miroslav Scheinost examine manifestations of economic crime in the Czech Republic during the 1990s. Petrus van Duyne discusses myths and reality regarding the penetration of the legal economy by crime-money. Sabrina Adamoli presents a study on the regulatory asymmetries between EU member states, offshore financial centers and economies in transition in the field of money-laundering prevention. Gert Vermeulen reviews recent developments in EU criminal policy to combat transnational crime. Klaus von Lampe analyzes the illegal cigarette market in Germany and its socio-cultural contextuality. Matjaz Jager explores how economic models may provide useful clarifications for drug policy. In an afterword, Klaus von Lampe outlines a strategy for internationally coordinated research on organized crime.

To download a PDF-file with the chapter 'The trafficking in untaxed cigarettes in Germany', click here.
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